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  • FlashGet Download - Download and manage files(such as movies mp3) 2.7

    FlashGet is specifically designed to address two of the biggest problems when downloading files: Speed and management of downloaded files. If you've
  • Zone One 1.0

    Zone One is a program specifically designed for a Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner. The program will search the output PDF file for a value and use it to
  • Gem Zone 1.0

    Destroy gems to create rows of three in this original and addictive puzzle game with classic music. You can play two game types: Normal and Timed.
  • d-d Zone X 1.3.3

    d-d Zone X is a destination folder finder that allows the user to quickly Access Folders at remote Locations. If you have a destination folder
  • Four-Way Zone 1.0

    The logical evolution of Throbber, Four-Way Zone provides four times the audio mangling power for the same low, low, in FACT nonexistent price.
  • No Fly Zone 2.1

    Watch military fighter jets cruise across your screen as a screensaver, including the F-22 Raptor, the F-117 Nighthawk, the B-2 Stealth Bomber, and
  • NBA In the Zone for GBC 1.0

    Play classic game NBA In the Zone on
  • D-Zone for win 1.0

    Destruction Zone is an arcade/strategy science fiction tank war game. The camera views the robot and human controlled tanks from above and players
  • D-Zone for Mac 1.0

    Destruction Zone is an arcade/strategy science fiction tank war game. The camera views the robot and human controlled tanks from above and players
  • No Fly Zone Screensaver 2.24

    Watch moving images of military fighter jets cruising across your screen as a screensaver, including images of the F-22 Raptor, the F-117 Nighthawk,
  • Jewel Zone 1.0

    A Relaxing game, you can play for hours or a quick game you can finish during the coffee break. In this jewel matching puzzle game, you can swap
  • Chat Zone 1.0

    Being positioned to be innovative and fast growing company in flash based applications development "Flashcoms" pleased to announce new, revolutionary
  • Glory Zone 1.4

    3D arcade style space shooter with an integrated mp3 player. Highly addictive action game with 3 levels of difficulty. It has 40 levels, 11 different
  • Reflexology ( ZONE ) 1.0

    Software Reflexology (ZONE ) It is possible to test any zone (especially this program can be useful for reflexologists), To enter new clients and run
  • Zone Clock 1.0.4

    Zone clock is a multi Time Zone clock from UK Software. using a great looking interface, you can choose from over 26 world time zones to be shown on
  • Zone Diet 5.6

    Zone Diet Information Barry Sears' Zone Diet is designed to maintain your insulin levels within steady limits - "in the zone" - by eating a careful
  • Contact Zone 2.1.0

    Cleanse, update, standardize and enrich your contact data. Cleanse, update, standardize and enrich your contact data. Contact Zone is a powerful
  • The Twilight Zone - Where Is Everybody? 1.3

    Screen Saver from The Twilight Zone television series. Pilot episode includes classic original opening and closing narrations. Slideshow format
  • Blast Zone 1.0

    In the science fiction single player adventure game, Blast Zone, an alien being named D-Tox has been condemned to death for "human-liking".
  • Comix Zone 1.0

    Comix Zone is a 1995 arcade-style action game. Comix Zone is completely free. You may play it as much as you like without paying a single buck. In
  • Time Zone Map 2.5.2

    Time Zone Map displays current World Times with an easy-to-use World Time Zone map. This program can be great for world travelers and for kids
  • Drop Zone 1.0.3

    Create simple drag-n-drop windows to quickly copy or MOVE files. After dropping files or Folders onto a Drop Zone window, a menu of paths you???ve
  • Kid Zone for Palm OS 1.7

    Kid Zone is a specialized secure Application Launcher for Palm OS?? powered handhelds. It allows only pre-selected programs to be browsed and run on
  • Zone Helper 1.1.0

    Adds websites to the restricted/trusted zone, and/or the cookies accept/block list. Zone Helper will let you add websites to the restricted/trusted
  • Kaos Zone 1.0

    The Cheetah 296 Turbo is one of the simplest ships to fly. The left and right cursors on your main control board activate the ships sideways
  • War Inc. Battle Zone 1.0

    In the action based game War Inc. Battle Zone, you will select your desire unit for starting game. You will play this game in the world where the
  • Zayo Zone 1.0

    Zayo Zone is an interesting shooting game for free. A Bunny's gotta do what a Bunny's gotta do! Play a tough bunny in mission to eradicate all zombies
  • Zone Patrol 1.0

    Protect your helpless Command Ship by fighting off the Empire's attack waves in this action packed shoot 'em up. Stay alive long enough to escape the
  • NBA In the Zone 2000 for GBC 1.0

    Play classic game NBA In the Zone 2000 on
  • Battle Zone II 1.0

    The full of excitement game Battle Zone II now includes new weapons as well as landscapes and vehicles. This is full of action and fight game that
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  • XP Firewall Control 2.5

    XP firewall control uses all the present abilities of the XP firewall and extends them with application level security model. XP firewall control introduces per-application named security zones and allows security zone
  • Tui Screensaver 2.0

    Get the Tui Yeah Right Screensaver and keep up to date with the latest Yeah Rights. The screensaver can only be installed on Windows 2k, XP or Vista! You might get a warning from your firewall (zone alarm or Windows
  • Meridian Alarms 3.3.8

    MERIDIAN alarms remind you of important events and keep you on track during a busy day. ??? Wake Up - alarms can wake you up in the morning, even if you and your computer are sleeping. ??? Flexible scheduling - one
  • Trident MP3 Digital Alarm 1.0.1

    Trident Mp3 Digital alarm is a state of the art alarm system for Windows PC's . Select any MP3, Wav or Windows Media Player file on your computer's hard drive and have it play as an alarm sound at any time. Wake
  • b-Wall XP Firewall Control 2.5.059

    b-Wall XP firewall Control 2.5.059 improves control over Windows XP firewall and gets access to its hidden abilities. Protect your Games and 32/64-bit applications from internet threats. Major Features: Using all the
  • Timezone Expert Gold Edition

    Timezone Expert is a world time zone clock software.Allows you to add two or three or more different time zone clocks to display in taskbar.You can query time zone information by country name or city name all over the
  • Simple DNS Plus .NET API 1

    The API consists of two classes "sdnsNetAPI" and "zone". The sdnsNetAPI class contains all needed functions to interact with Simple DNS Plus. The zone class is just a definition for a dns zone. To
  • Jsaz Firewall -

    A simple firewall application. Internally it uses windows inbuilt firewall api . The features are as follows: a. Light weight firewall, less processor/cpu time as well as ram usage. b. Check the status of
  • Microsoft Time Zone 2.1.25

    Microsoft Time zone will conveniently run in the system tray and allow you to easily view the time and date in various locations around the world. You can also quickly and easily add your own personal locations to
  • NutriGenie Omega Rx Zone Diet 7.9

    NutriGenie's latest zone diet software is the perfect complement to Barry Sears' Omega Rx zone, as well as Mastering the zone, zone Food Blocks, and the Top 100 zone Foods. In fact, NutriGenie Omega Rx zone
  • Tiny Alarm 2.0

    Tiny alarm is a simple alarm countdown with a slider from 1 to 60 minutes, an alarm by entering alarm time and a chime with user defined interval. When time is over, a window opens and you hear a sound; System Shutdown
  • Video DVD To Zune Converter 1.0

    Video DVD to zone converter is used to change video clips from MOV, MP4 format to zone movies. This software contains zone-video converter and DVD to zone converter that helps you to change their media files to zone
  • WinClock Free 1.0

    WinClock Highlights£º 1. Transparent alarm clock beautifying your desktop 2. World time zone support, quickly switch location while travelling 3. Easy-to-use alarm, reminder and todo list 4. Professional visual
  • @'clock 1

    @'clock 1 is designed as a convenientskinnable desktop clock. A skinnable clock with hour signal and alarm. Displays also the current time zone, the day of the week and the time elapsed from the Windows logon. There are
  • Multi Zone Clock 2.02.02

    Multi zone Clock is a simple and highly configurable multi Time zone Clock and calendar plus highly configurable advance alarm Clock. This Program creates any number of clocks with deferent time zones and many more .
  • Sonic Origins 2 1.0

    The new release of Sonic Origins 2 is available for download! This new version contains a NEW EXTRA zone: SKY HIGH! Run through the clouds in this exciting "remake" of the original Sky High zone of Sonic 2 (Master System
  • ShellLess Clock 1.00

    ShellLess Clock is an advanced computer alarm Clock program that automatically notify you every day/week/month as you wish. No need to set alarm time every day! Features: Different alarm types and unlimited alarm list
  • CradleAlarm 4.7.5

    Cradlealarm supersedes the poorly featured alarm clock of Windows Mobile. With this application you can set multiple alarms, that provide a large number of settings to let you start your day as pleasant as possible, to
  • WorldClock Screen Saver 6.03

    When you run WorldClock, the main window presents you with a map of the world. You can click anywhere on the map to select that area's time zone. You will see the selected zone time display (the right pane) update to
  • HotBounce iFufi2 2 2

    This program can be used as a security alarm system to scare thiefs, protect your home, room, office and any place where there is a computer. It uses your microphone and mouse as sensors and your speakers as alarm siren.
  • Just Another Analog Clock 1.1

    Just another analog clock is alarm enable clock. You can set what times alarm will run. Its an light weight alarm clock. Just try it and download it.
  • - Repair Windows Firewall 1.5.0

    Repair Windows firewall: This will repair the Windows firewall. The firewall is built into the system rather deep. And when the firewall becomes corrupt it can still block out side connections from coming in. Even when
  • FireBlast Alarm Clock 1.0

    An alarm clock for your desktop. An alarm clock for your desktop. FireBlast alarm Clock is a simple, easy to use alarm clock designed to enable you to set the mp3 that you like. You can also use this alarm clock as
  • TZUTIL 2.12.30

    TzUtil or Time zone Utility is a small fast utility program that allows you to see the time zone Currently active on your computer, and uses the same code (called Time zone Adjust) as in MonTel to change the time zone
  • System Alarm 1.0

    System alarm is free PC alarm Clock for your desktop alarm system. The application is designed for those people who sleep at their desk or do not have any alarm clock or do not bother to buy one. The application is just
  • iFufi2 3-7-6

    This program can be used as an alarm or for scare thiefs. It uses your microphone and mouse as a sensors, your Speakers as an alarm siren. You can add your personal alarm sounds (wav, mp3). A series of alarm sounds and
  • Talking Alarm Clock 2.0

    Talking alarm Clock is useful application that enables you to set an alarm quickly and easily and it will remind you of important dates and events. It can play any sound you choose and includes a versatile snooze
  • HDS - Alarm Clock 1.0.0

    This is a simple program that displays the date and time. You can set an alarm that will play your favorite WAV, MP3, or Mpeg file! This is the initial release, 1.0.0 and has these features: Easily plays any Windows
  • NoteBook Alarm 3

    Now you can set your desire sound file for waking up or as a backup alarm when you travel by using handy software application NoteBook alarm. It does not only show you current time but also time to alarm so that you can
  • GigAlarm 1.22

    Gigalarm is an alarm program, capable of over 4 million different alarms. Once set, an alarm can be programmed to auto-repeat on set days, by a time offset or delete itself. The alarm can be either a wave file playing